Valley Manor Inc.

Valley Manor

Inclusive Fundraising for

Nonprofit Health Organizations in the Madawaska Valley



 To create an opportunity for the donors of th Madawaska Valley to advance healthcare in the community by ensuring support for equipment and facility needs through the effort of one fundraising organization that will inclusively fundraise based on a long term plan for the community’s non-profit healthcare needs.


In this way, our donors are making an overall impact on all the healthcare organizations in their community, knowing that these organizations have taken the communities needs into account when planning for what we will need in the long term


Who do we raise Funds for?

In accordance with an overall long range plan, the SFVH Foundation raises, manages and distributes funds to:


·        St Francis Memorial Hospital (including Rainbow Valley)

·        Madawaska Valley Hospice Palliative Care

·        Valley Manor Nursing Home


What do we raise money for?

The 3 non-profit Healthcare Organizations support partnerships around the current needs of patients, putting the needs of the community ahead of their independent needs and identifying their capital equipment needs as it relates to long term planning.

Based on the community’s capacity to give, fundraising strategies are developed by the SFVH Foundation to meet these with a projected 5 year plan.


Campaigns and Designated Funds

When you give to the SFVH Foundation, you are actually supporting all three healthcare organizations (SFMH, Valley Manor and Hospice) because the fundraising dollars go back to these organizations at the end of the year to support their equipment needs based all based on an overall plan that reflect the community’s needs. However and as always, the Foundation will continue to respect the wishes of its donors to designate a gift of support if requested.



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For more information, please contact us:


St. Francis Valley Heathcare Foundation

Toni Lavigne-Conway, Executive Director

Box 129, 7 St Francis Memorial Dr

Barry's Bay, ON KOJ 1B0

(613) 756-3044, Ext. 333


REGISTERED Charity # 89453 4817 RR0001


88 Mintha St Barry's Bay, ON K0J 1B0

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